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We have to work hard to help preserve the environment. The local, state, and federal governments are each starting to recognize that fact like never before. That is why many major cities are promoting "GREEN" building codes or "G-Rated" buildings for short—for both commercial and residential buildings. And, a major part of a G-Rated building is a geothermal heat pump and highly efficient, nearly airtight ventilation systems. Total Energy Concepts, Inc., brings you this environmentally friendly system to your building.

Efficient Ventilation Systems
Everything we do ties directly to what the G-Rated building code is all about. It is a simple concept: when you have a highly efficient building, you have a system that uses the least amount of energy for heating—this includes the ducts and pumps as well as the insulation used. We thoroughly check the efficiency level of each installation we do using a unique system we call "blower door testing." With this test system, we make sure that your new ventilation system is as close to airtight as possible, thereby ensuring a highly efficient system.

We exceed our competition by offering solutions
to the everyday problems of poor indoor air quality
including mold, mildew, and high humidity.

Clean Air, Clean Environment
We work directly with homeowners and business owners as well as new building contractors and renovation contractors. Each of our highly trained installers is fully certified to work on G-Rated Building ventilation systems. Our clients enjoy a high level of air quality that is environmentally safe and great for the health of the people who live and work in the buildings we work on. Call us today for your appointment.

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